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Relationships & Other Challenges

Relationships & Couples Counseling

"Love is the water of life."


Support And Trust. Unrecognizable Married Couple Holding Hands, Comforting Each Other Duri

Connection with another human being can be the most rewarding, and yet at times, the most difficult experience two people can share. Whether it be a romantic relationship or a long time friendship, relationships require support and work. It requires cooperations, communication, trust, honestly, compromise and vulnerability.

I work with couples and partners to improve:

  • Intimacy

  • Communication skills

  • Compromise

  • Connection

  • Building Trust

I work to support both partners in being heard and hearing each other. I hold a safe space for each to express their concerns, fears and needs in an effort to rebuild or grown connection. 

If you are experiencing other difficulties in life or are having relationship challenges, I can provide the support you need.

Additional Areas of Experience

  • Improving relationships and intimacy

  • Adjusting to life transitions (college, marriage, retirement, "empty nest")

  • Coping with difficult life events  (grief, loss, divorce & breakups, job loss, moving)

  • Addressing other addictions issues (family member addiction, gambling, shopping, eating, maintaining sobriety)

  • Improving self esteem and confidence

  • Career issues (work dissatisfaction, career changes, job loss)

  • Managing life, career, school, work and other stressors

Other Challenges

"Sometimes you learn, grow and give far more when you back is up against the wall."

--Rasheed Ogunlaru

portrait of a lonely sad teenager in a hoodie with a hood on the street, problems and psyc
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